Stars in a Dusty Sky Bright star Markab anchors this dusty skyscape. At the top right corner of the frame, Markab itself marks a corner of an asterism known as the Great Square, found within the boundaries of the constellation Pegasus, the flying horse. The wide and deep telescopic view rides along for some 5 degrees or about 10 times the angular diameter of the Full Moon, with blue reflection nebulae scattered around the scene. And even though this line-of-sight looks away from the plane of our Milky Way galaxy, it covers a region known to be filled with nearby molecular clouds. The associated dust clouds, high latitude galactic cirrus, are less than 1,000 light-years distant. Still apparent, but far beyond the Milky Way, are background galaxies, like the prominent edge-on spiral NGC 7497 near picture center.
Image Credit & Copyright: John Davis

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Bei #ProAsyl gibt es umsonst geniale Sticker zu bestellen. Macht das mal. (Nur so, die passen bestimmt voll gut über Nazi-Propaganda…)


Carol Fondé - Lost Cities, 2009

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Emmanuelle Pidoux

Michael Caine and Francoise Dorleac

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